The Shareholder Equity Alliance is the nation’s nonprofit leader in shareholder education. Founded to educate and engage stakeholders, we unleash the caring power of shareholders and customers to create strong, future-focused companies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the growth and wellbeing of companies—to maximize returns for owners and opportunity for customers—through stakeholder engagement and coalition building.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where companies do good by doing well; one where corporate decision-making focuses on building strong companies, responsive to their customers and employees while maximizing growth and market returns.

Through retirement investments and pension funds, companies are partners in everyone’s retirement. And, everyday people hold enormous power to direct the future of a company and ensure their own and their neighbor’s retirement.

We believe that above all else companies should value the trust placed in them by their primary stakeholders—their shareholders. And, they must be willing partners in providing for everyone’s future.

When companies focus on short term political and cultural whims, they ignore their primary responsibility as businesses. They should be partners in growth accountable to their individual owners.

As shareholder advocates, we educate and directly engage individuals to share their voice publicly and with their votes. We engage companies to understand risk and develop policies that benefit the bottom line, the communities they serve and the individuals that stake their future on share ownership.

Companies that focus exclusively on their core free-market missions, don’t marginalize groups or individuals. In doing so, they reduce risk and increase returns that benefit everyone.

Shareholder Equity Alliance is redefining corporate responsibility through shareholder engagement and advocacy.